How to choose the right Psychologist/ Therapist

I come across more and more young people who tell me that their therapist/psychologist could not help them. 

Be very aware, when choosing your therapist/ psychologist etc. Degrees and certificates do not really say a lot in psychology. If you can help someone, depends on your own experiences and your connection to that person. 

How can you help someone to go through a hard time, when you never went through a hard time yourself ? How can you help someone to face their fears and issues, when you don't face your own ?

How can you help someone to be happy, when you are not happy yourself ?

Since our outer world is a pretty good reflection of our inner world, you can tell a lot about a person, simply by looking at their outer circumstances. How happy and fulfilled is the person who wants to help you ?

Is this person fulfilling their dreams, enjoying life and living a healthy lifestyle ?

If someone tells you how many hours or sessions you will need in advance, please be very aware.

Nobody can tell how much time you will need for a shift, because change can happen every moment.

Since the relationship between therapist and client is very important, always trust your feeling, if this is the right person for you.

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